Admin - Accounts


Accounts main page

In this area you can see all the accounts of your agency service, as well as edit and delete them (green and red buttons respectively).

  • ID
  • Email: The Email associated with the account.
  • Subscription: Shows the account’s subscription if available.
By default, free trial and manually added accounts are fully featured Professional accounts.
  • Expire date: Shows the account’s expiration date. Free trial accounts have an expiration date of 30 days after registration. Expired accounts are limited but not deleted. (user can log-in and purchase a subscription to continue using the service)
  • Status Shows the account’s current status (active or expired)
  • Type Shows the account type. Account types can be Seller, Buyer, or Admin
  • Login Shows the account login status:
    • A: Account is active
    • S: Account has been suspended
    • P: Account has a pending activation

Manually adding a seller account

Add new seller button

Manually add a seller account by clickin the Add new seller account button.

Add new seller dialog

Manually added accounts are active by default (account activation email is not sent)

Editing an existing account


  • Account email: The email associated with the account (not editable)
  • Account signup date (not editable)
  • Account subscription status: Edit the account’s current status (active or expired)
  • Account expiration date: Edit the account’s expiration date (in YYYY/MM/DD format)
  • Account login status: Edit the account’s login status
  • Account version: Edit the account’s subscription type (Starter or Professional)
  • First name: Edit the account owner’s first name
  • Last name: Edit the account owner’s last name
  • Password Edit the account’s password