Stripe set-up

In order to receive subscription payments you need a Stripe account. Follow the steps below to integrate it with your service:

  1. Register or login to your Stripe dashboard
  2. Generate your Stripe secret key:
    • Go to Developers > API Keys

      Stripe api keys

    • Click the Create secret key button and give it a name

      Create api key

    • Copy the generated key and store it in a secure location

    • Paste your Stripe secret key in the corresponding field of your service settings page

  3. Set up your Webhook:
    • Go to Developers > Webhooks.

      Stripe webhooks

    • Click the Add endpoint button

    • In the Endpoint URL field, put Replacing with your service actual domain.

      Stripe add endpoint

    • Leave the Listen to events on Connected accounts checkbox Unchecked

    • Under Select events to listen to click Select events and add the following events (use the Search events.. field):

      • customer.subscription.updated
      • customer.subscription.deleted
      • invoice.payment_failed
      • invoice.paid
      • checkout.session.completed

      Stripe webhook events

    • Click Add endpoint

    • Click Reveal under Signing secret and copy the resulting code

    • Paste the Signing secret code in the Stripe webhook secret field of your service settings page

  4. Set up your Products (subscriptions):
    1. Go to Products

      Stripe products

    2. Click the Add product button

    3. Name your product (for example Professional subscription)

    4. Under Pricing details > Pricing model select Standard pricing

    5. Under Price add a price of your choosing for your monthly subscription

    6. Select Recurring

    7. Under Billing period select Monthly

      Stripe add product

    8. Click the Add another price button

    9. Repeat steps d - f

    10. Under Billing period select Yearly

    11. Click Save product

    12. Repeat steps b - k, (for your Basic subscription product)

    13. After following the previous steps, you should have 2 products with 2 prices each (for monthly-yearly subscriptions). Click on each product and copy the Price ID codes for each price. Paste the codes (4 in total) in the corresponding field of your service settings page

Note: For testing purposes you can use Test mode data with your service. For testing, replace all codes with testing data:

  1. Stripe secret key
  2. Stripe webhook secret
  3. Stripe starter monthly / yearly ID
  4. Stripe Professional monthly / yearly ID

IMPORTANT For production environment all above fields must use Live data. Don’t mix live with testing codes!!

Click here for test mode information.