PayPal Setup


To start accepting payments with Paypal with your Kiripp store you need to obtain Paypal API keys.

To be able to create API keys you will need to make sure your PayPal account is a Business account and not a Personal account. This is required for creating working API Keys for your store.

Create a PayPal Business Account

Sign Up for a business account here. You can find additional instructions for opening a Business account here. If you already have a Business Account, skip this step.

Sign up for PayPal

Create your API Keys

Once you have created your PayPal Business account, Go to PayPal Developer Portal and log in.

Once you’re logged in, go to your Developer Dashboard > My apps & credentials and create a new application.

PayPal dev dashboard

Enter the application name and click create.

PayPal create app

That’s it! This will create your API credentials.

PayPal app credentials

Now copy your newly created Client ID and Secret to the corresponding fields in your store settings.

PayPal mode

For testing, you can follow the same steps but create your app in Sandbox mode. If you do so, make sure to check the option PayPal Sandmox mode in your store options.

Find more information about Kiripp Store Modes here.