SSL on custom domain

The steps on this page are not required for custom domains (CNAME) to work.

For enabling SSL with your custom domain, we recommend using Cloudflare.

Here are the steps for using Cloudflare’s free plan with your custom domain:

  1. Sign up with Cloudflare.
  2. Select the option ‘Cloudflare for infrastructure’ Cloudflare 1
  3. Enter your custom domain name and click on Add site Cloudflare 1
  4. Select a preferred plan. For basic usage, we reccomend the Free option. Cloudflare 1
  5. Verify your domain’s current DNS records. Cloudflare 1
  6. Complete your DNS setup by updating your domain’s DNS records in your registrar account.
  7. In the quick start settings screen, enable “Always Use HTTPS”. Cloudflare 1
  8. Finally, in your domain panel, overview tab, select “Flexible” SSL/TLS encryption mode. Cloudflare 1

After following these steps, your custom domain should work with your Kiripp store using Cloudflare’s SSL certificate.