Mercado Pago Setup


To start accepting payments with Mercado Pago with your Kiripp store you need to create an app and obtain its Credentials.

Create a Mercado Pago Account

Sign Up for a Mercado Pago account here. If you already have an Account, skip this step.

Sign up for Mercado Pago

Create an app and get its credentials

Go to your Mercado Pago Developer panel here and create a new application.

Mercado Pago Dashboard

Enter the application name and select Checkout pro under product.

Mercado Pago create app

Activate your new application and get its Production credentials.

Mercado Pago credentials

That’s it! Now copy your newly created Public Key and Access Token to the corresponding fields in your store settings.

Mercado Pago store settings

For testing, you can follow the same steps but using your application’s Test credentials. For mode information about testing with Mercado Pago, check their documentation here.

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